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The Ballad Of Mary Foster 
Tom: E
E                      D                  A  G  E
David Foster lives in Gloucester with his family
E                                 D                    A    G  E
Works 'til pay-time, through the day-time, then comes home for tea
A          G                 D             A                   E
Steak and kidney, then with Sydney to his club and feels free
                                  D                 A   G    Em E
They close the bar, he finds his car and then goes home to sleep
And his wife has been with Rosie, in the parlour where it's cosy
Watching telly, doing dishes, patching pants and making wishes
And he'll say "Bill should have wired" and "Not tonight dear, I'm too tired"
     D                               E
And life drifts slowly by in the provinces
Peter Foster goes to Gloucester for his first school day
Bites his teacher, sees a preacher and is taught to pray
Sees some birds and learns some words it's very, very rude to say
Yes, he's rather like his father was in his young day
And his father has discussions, holding forth about the Russians
"Will the Red Chinese attack us?"
"Do we need the Yanks to back us?
"And in bed she feels his shoulder, but he grunts and just turns over
And life drifts slowly by in the provinces
Am           E                       Am    C            F       E
Wedding rings come with strings but love depends on the little things
    Am                E
"Oh could that still be really you?"
Am         C        F          E    D  A  G(bend up)  E
"Is there anything time can't do?"
David Foster's been promoted, he's a decent sort
Peter's gone to Dad's old Public School, it's good for sport
They've even got a private parking place down in Huntingdon Court
Maybe soon he'll be a magistrate, the neighbours thought
Yes, and then he'll teach the beatniks
And the hang-around-the-streetnicks
And the good-for-nothing loafers
Who knock girls up on their sofas
And his wife is quite nice, really
Though she seems a little dreamy
F      C  Dm   C  Dm
      Dm               F         G            Bb 
I was born and brought up on the east side of town
        Dm       F                  A
And my earliest days they passed quickly
         Dm          F               G         Bb 
I would play after school with the kids all around
       Dm          C                 Bb  
In the sun and the dust of the back streets
Oh, all through my girlhood the war had its day
And my daddy he would always be leaving
So my brother and I we would sit by her side
Telling our tales through the evening
Oh, I grew with the days and the boys came to cal
lIn the back shed I learned about kissing
But I don't think my mother has noticed at all
For we've heard that my daddy is missing
Then my school days they were over and I went off to work
And my mother grew quieter and greyer
So one day I left her and went off to live
With Billy, a saxophone player
In our broken down attic we laughed and made love
And all that we had we were sharing
Oh, we slept through the day and played into the night
God, we did as we pleased without caring
Oh but a year's passed away and he's left me one day
To play in a far away country
And the sun told my eyes "You've got no place to hide"
As I waited to be having his baby
Oh I lived in the park and the men passed and stared
Each wondering which one had lost her
And one came to ask could he buy me a meal
And he said he was called David Foster
We were married that month and I swore to myself
Somehow I'd pay back what I owed him
Cooking his supper and cleaning his boots
Yes, and kidding myself I could love him
Oh, but now my baby is grown and he's gone out to school
And he looks very much like his daddy
And David has buried himself in his work
And the time on my hands, it hangs heavy
Oh, the neighbours they smile as we pass in the streets
And they make their remarks on the weather
But the butcher and baker deliver things now
And I've stopped going out altogether
Oh, I live by my mirror and stare in my eyes
Trying to make out who I see there
But I'm looking at a woman that I can't recognize
And I don't think she knows me either
           Dm           F             G         Bb 
There are lines on her face and her hair is a mess
          Dm          F             A
And the light in her eyes it grows colder
      Dm               F         G            Bb 
In the morning there's nothing will change, ah but yes
       Dm       C            Bb G   D C  D
I will be just a little bit older
Last Days Of The Century 
Tom: Em
Intro:   Em              D
When the cock crows
D/A        Em
   And the wind blows
D/A         Em          D/A
   And the primrose of dawn
Is at your windows
Cmaj7              D/F#
Moving through the deep
          Cmaj7               D/F#
You chase dreams accross your sleep
D/A                 Em
    Waiting at your door
       G                 D
In the last days of the century
G                    D
   Leaning from your balcony
        Am                  Em
You said:  This is how it's meant to be
          Cmaj7          D
Can't you feel it in the air?
G                   D
See that light come shining down
G                  D
    All the way to Chinatown
Am                    Em
    See it shine from miles around
   Cmaj7        Bm7
Reflecting everywhere
Marion The Chtelaine
Tom: D
D	       A
When the great collector found her 
D              A
She was just a girl 
D                  A
She rang a chord inside him
       D         Bm     F#m           Em
And he stole her to the centre of his world 
     F#	               Bm	 G
Many wished they could be in her shoes 
        D               A               D
But she surely did know how to have the blues 
He tried to make a star of her 
She never did know why 
And though she could have told him 
There were some things that his money couldn't buy 
She never knew a way to refuse 
But she surely did know how to have the blues 
Em         F#m             G     F#m  Em
They say tomorrow's such a long, long time 
F#m        C#m          A
They say tomorrow never comes 
D	 Bm	          G     F#m Em
Whatever happened to this dream of mine 
D         Bm           Em   A
Count the days as they run 
He built himself a castle 
On a hill above a bay 
Where Marion the Châtelaine
Charmed every single one who came to stay 
Some never knew, while others read the clues 
That she surely did know how to have the blues 
When all the parties ended 
In the castle on the hill 
The paintings and the statues stood alone 
And all the corridors grew still 
She got caught between the shadows and the booze 
And she surely did know how to have the blues
Midas Shadow
Tom: Dm
Intro: Dm7 C Dm7 x2
Gm7 Am7 Dm7 x2
Dm7             C               Bb
You've got your ticket and your hotel keys
         Gm7       Am7           Dm7
And your overnight bag at your feet
Dm7             C               Bb
YOu're looking down on the tropical trees
         Gm7       Am7           Dm7
While the Spanish maids pick up the sheets
F       C       F         C
Conquistador in search of gold
Dm7          Bb       Gm7
For all the jack-daw reasons
Dm7             C               Bb
The Midas shadow that's so hard to please
Gm7       Am7         Dm7
Follows wherever you go.
Gm7  Am  Dm7 x2
Dm7             C               Bb
Nothing ventured, nothing gained they said
         Gm7       Am7           Dm7
So you played for the winner takes all
Dm7             C               Bb
And tossed the dice high up and craned your head
      Gm7       Am7           Dm7
To see how the numbers would fall
F       C       F         C
You stole the game so easily
Dm7          Bb       Gm7
Your luck ran with the seasons
Dm7             C               Bb
But still the shadow that the night won't free just
Gm7     Am7          Dm7
Follows wherever you go.
Gm7  Am  Dm7 x2
Dm7 C  Bb
Gm7 Am7 Dm7
Dm7 Bb Gm7
Gm7 Am7 Dm7
Dm7             C               Bb
Another day, another boarding card,
         Gm7       Am7           Dm7
As you wait for your seat on the 'plane
Dm7             C               Bb
The movie runs but you're still working hard
         Gm7       Am7           Dm7
And you don't touch your food or champagne
F       C       F         C
I know that when your well runs dry
Dm7          Bb       Gm7
Yuu'll want to know the reason
Dm7             C               Bb
The empty night will bring you no reply
Gm7       Am7           Dm7
As it follows wherever you go.
Gm7 Am7 Dm7
Gm7 Am7 Bb Am7 Gm7 Am7 Dm7
Katherine Of Oregon 
Tom: D

[G] When I get even [D]  more old [C] than I am now [G]
[G] I'll have a house [D]  overlooking [C] the water [D]
[D] I'll read all the books [G]  that I never [C]  got 'round [G]  to
[G] And pile my [D] suitcases [C]  up in the [ D]corner
[D] The lights of the [G] city they [D] blink off and on [G] again
[G] Names in my [D] memory are [C] there, then they're [D] gone again
[D] Albums of [G] photographs [C] spread on the [D] floor again
[G] I'll spend my [D] evenings with [C] Katherine of [G] Oregon
[G] I'll fill my [D] garage up with [C] things I've no [G] use for
[G] Obsolete [ D] knick-knacks that [C] there's no [D] excuse for
[D] I'll turn my [G] back on the [C] world's grand [D] illusions
[G] Take my [D] delights in the [C] simplest [D] amusements
[D] The lights of the [G] city they [D] blink off and on [G] again
[G] Names in my [D] memory are [C] there, then they're [D] gone again
[D] Albums of [G] photographs [C] spread on the [D] floor again
[G] I'll spend my [D] evenings with [C] Katherine of [G] Oregon
[G] I'll wear my [D] clothes with their [C] colors all [G] clashing
[G] They'll be so [D] old that they'll [C] come back in [D] fashion
[D] I'll sit on the [G] beach with my [C] paper wrapped [D] luncheon
[G] I'll enjoy [D] being the [C] ancient [D] curmudgeon
[D] The lights of the [G] city they [D] blink off and on [G] again
[G] Names in my [D] memory are [C] there, then they're [D] gone again
[D] Albums of [G] photographs [C] spread on the [D] floor again
[G] I'll spend my [D] evenings with [C] Katherine of [G] Oregon
Real and Unreal
Tom: Cm
Intro: Cm  Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7/D  G7
          Cm            Eb/Bb
Did you ever have the feeling
          D/A          Fm/Ab        G7+5       Cm   
You're the only person living        in    the world
Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7/D  G7
    Cm                 Eb/Bb
And people that you see
            D/A         Fm/Ab  G7+5    Cm
Are one-dimensional and never there at all
Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7/D  G7
Cm                  Cm7
Even just the commonplace
F/A           Cm              Fm  Fm/G  Fm/Ab  Fm/G  Fm  G7
Warm familiar greetings are a lie
      Cm               Eb/Bb        D/A
Their voices and their faces are as empty
       Fm/Ab    G7+5    Cm  Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7
As the space beyond the sky
Cm         Eb/Bb             D/A
Marilyn is walking with her scarf
           Fm/Ab    G7+5     Cm  Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7/D  G7
Around her head against the rain
     Cm              Eb/Bb              D/A
The doorways and the shops fill up with people
         Fm/Ab   G7+5    Cm  Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7/D  G7
And it's pouring down  again
  Cm                   Cm7      F/A
A man with an umbrella seems to see her
       Cm               Fm   Fm/G  Fm/Ab  Fm/G  Fm  G7
But he turns and looks away
    Cm             Eb/Bb     
And nothing really matters 'cause there's
D/A              Fm/Ab   G7+5   Cm  Cm/Bb  Abmaj7  Cm/G  Fm6  G7/D  G7
Nothing that she wants to do or say
       Cm(add9)         Cm(maj9)/Eb       Fm9(add6)      Abmaj7   Fm/G
In the reaeaeae~~~~~~~~~eaeal       and unreal
       Cm(add9)         Cm(maj9)/Eb       Fm9(add6)      Abmaj7  
In the reaeaeae~~~~~~~~~eaeal       and unreal
(etc... based on the same chord progression)
Last chord: Cm(maj9) (hey Tony Banks, were you in the studio at the time,
                      or did Al live 'in dark water'? :-)
Hope that helps...


Broadway Hotel 
Tom: F#m
 F#m          D          F#m         D
 You told the man in the Broadway Hotel
 E           Dmaj7         C#m       D
 Nothing was stranger than being yourself
 F#m        D           F#m         D    Bm
 And he replied with a tear in his eye
 E          Dmaj7      E        Dmaj7
 Love was a roll-a-way just a cajole away
 E         Dmaj7         C#m         D
 Mist on a summer's day, nothing was clear
 E          Dmaj7      E         Dmaj7
 Love was a smile away just a de-file away
 E           Dmaj7     C#m         D     D
 I sought it every way no-one came near      ----> 2nd verse, bridge
                                                      or ending
   A            G
 A-lone in your room you hide as the
 F#m                   E
 Night rolls by in the street outside of you
 A             G
 Feel over the words he said till they
 F#m                E                  C#m  D
 Turn to rain all a-round your head
        A         G
 You're seeking a hide-away where the
 F#m                  E
 Light of day doesn't touch your face, and a
 A                   G
 Door sign keeps the world away
    F#m                        E             C#m  C#m  ----> last verse
 Be-hind the shades of of your silent days.
Ending      F#m  E6  Dmaj7  C#m    repeat
Feel Like
Tom: D
Intro: D G A D G A
  D       G        A      D
I feel as volatile as the weather
     G         A        D
Over fields of Scottish heather
    Em      A           D     G A
The night before Hallowe'en
You know I feel like
  G   A        D
A catamaran in summer
    G         A       D
The beat of a reggae drummer
    Em        A     D       G A
The flag of a brigantine
G                                          D
This is the day when all of my dreams came true
G                                        D
This is the day when all of my life till now
Seemed oh so blue
You know I feel like
  G            A        D
A plate of the earth in motion
  G            A      D
A storm on the Indian Ocean
  Em         A     D        G A
A shake of a tambourine
G                                       D
This is the day when all of my feelings changed
G                                        D
This is the day when all of my life till now
Seemed oh so strange
You know I feel like
  G         A         D
A bird of a different feather
  G          A       D
A trail that runs forever
         Em        A   D
Though a forest of evergreen
I'm Falling 
Tom: Dm
Intro:     Dm  Dm#7  Dm7  D6  
Dm      Dm#7/C#       Dm7/C       G          Dm    Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G 
 It's Sunday afternoon and it's raining, I'm falling
Dm                Dm#7/C#          Dm7/C           G            
 Colour sections, pastel blue, an empty church, a movie queue,
       Dm    Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G
   I'm falling
C             C/B        Am  G           F   E          Am    
 Watching you moving around,  taking the ti-me to get a proper look,
    Dm                  E             Am              A
 It seems as though I've never really looked at you  
Dm      Dm#7/C#          Dm7/C           G        Dm    Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G 
 Get up, put the kettle on, make us some tea, I'm falling
Dm                 Dm#7/C#        Dm7/C                G      
 If we've got some biscuits left, please bring one for me, 
             Dm    Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C G 
   I'm just falling
C             C/B          Am   G            F   E            Am    
 Spending the whole day in bed,  wasting our ti-me, in such a gentle way
    Dm              E                 Am          A
 We hardly need to say a word, it's just okay
     Dm          E       Am            Ebdim         E
 And already the sun has gone and it's growing dark outside,
     Dm            E       Am         Ebdim         E
 I can see your face reflected in the red electric firelight,
         Am                       Dm              E                 
 And our shadow is an embyro that slowly comes to life and 
       Am                                Dm                E      
 As it moves across the wall it seems to feel the fire of living  
          Am                       Dm              E             Am  
 Growing stronger as it climbs, to shiver in a blaze across the ceiling
         F          E           Am                 
 And the soundless crash of the sea
           F             E            Am    
 Fills the room with the scent of the breeze
         F           E         Am          Ebdim         E 
 And the waves break over the beach of our bodies as you reach your
                 D   Dm    Dm  Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G 
  fingers out to me
Dm            Dm#7/C#       Dm7/C          G           Dm     Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G 
 Why don't we take the whole next week off work, we're falling
Dm             Dm#7/C#          Dm7/C                   G                    
 You can say you don't feel well, you caught a cold or some such, 
               Dm    Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G 
    we're just falling
C       C/B         Am   G           F   E           Am    
 We can get out of town,  taking the ti-me to let it all work out
     Dm            E               Am            A
 The hour glass is turning, every second counts
     Dm     Dm#7/C#  Dm7/C  G        Dm     Dm#7/C#   Dm7/C   G 
 I'm falling,                    I'm falling,  
     Dm     Dm#7/C#   Dm7/C   G 
 I'm falling.
Bb                      A            Bb                         A           
 Moving around inside a dream today,  falling for you in such a special way
G  F E A  
Joe The Georgian 
Tom: Am
   Am        Dm       Am             E
Am              E
Now I've got my payment
        Am      E      Am    E
For the service that I gave
        Am          E
They've given me my ticket
        C       G        C
To this place beyond the grave
  Dm                   G
I suppose it's kind of funny
  Am           G       F   E
I suppose it's kind of sad
Am               E                Am   E  Am
Thinking back on all the times we had
Am                       E
But it's kind of hot and smoky
        Am    E     Am   E
In this anteroom to hell
      Am              E
And I won't make up a story
           C        G        C
'Cause you know the truth so well
     Dm               G
It's much too late to worry
        Am    G     F      E
That we never had a chance
    Am                    E
And when Joe the Georgian gets here
        Am     E   *Am
We will dance
(In one chorus, the last two lines are repeated: the first time
around, *Am is changed to Dm, and the word dance is sung over
E and Dm).
               Am                  Dm       F           E
         Am    Dm            Am           E          Am     E
|-----------2----| -> back to verse or solo.
Sand in Your Shoes  
Tom: G
     G              Em              C                  D
You always were a city kid though you were country raised
      G               Em              C                    D
And back in some forgotten time we shared the cold north days.
           G              Em                     C             D
But the simple life was not your style and you just had to escape
            G     C     Bm   Am     D   G    Gsus4  G   Gsus2
So it's goodbye to my lady of the islands.
         G                 Em
On Remembrance Day the bands all played;
         C                        D
The bells pealed throught the park.
            G                 Em                 C                     D
And you lay there by the "Do Not" signs and shamed them with your spark.
        G               Em                     C              D
Now winter moans in old men's bones as the day falls into dark
              G      C     Bm    Am     D     G  Gsus4  G  Gsus2
And it's goodbye to my lady of the islands.
            Bm              Em                  Am               D
It was just like this behind the kisses you so soon swept away
          Bm               Em                Am                D
Oh, I always knew that someday you'd be bound to just get pulled away.
      G               Em              C                 D
The summer sun beats on and on; the shops swim in the heat.
              G              Em                 C             D
And you're standing by the traffic signs with taxis at your feet.
             G             Em                C                  D
Well, I know that in your city skin you're feeling more complete,
           G      C     Bm  Am         D    Gsus4  G  Gsus2
So it's goodbye to my lady of the islands.
  (instrumental part)
Guitar Solo   Transcribed by Rob Watson
   G      Em        C         D
   G                Em       C                  D
        G             Em               C                  D
No, I never got the letters that you said you'd send to me
          G       C     Bm  Am      D       G  C  Bm  Am  G
So it's goodbye to my lady of the islands.


Year of the Cat
Tom: C 
Intro:  Cmaj7  D  Em  3x
        Am7    D7
     Cmaj7          Bm       Em
On a morning from a Bogart movie
     Cmaj7              Bm             Em
in a country where they turned back time
       Cmaj7                 Bm        Em
you go strolling through the crowd like
                  Am7            D7
Peter Lorre contemplating a crime.
          Cmaj7       Bm          Em
She comes out of the sun in a silk dress
               B                  C
running like a water color in the rain.
             B         Em
Don't bother asking for explanations.
            Am7                    D
She'll just tell you that she came
in the Year of the Cat.
    Cmaj7            Bm           Em
She doesn't give you time for questions
       Cmaj7        Bm          Em
as she locks up you arm in hers.
        Cmaj7            Bm       Em
And you follow 'til your sense of
                   Am7                 D7
which direction completely disappears.
       Cmaj7       Bm            Em
By the blue-tiled walls near the market stalls
          B                         C
there's a hidden door she leads you to.
                  B       Em         
"These days," she says, "I feel my life just
       Am7                   D
like a river running through
the Year of the Cat."
         B                 C
Well she looks at you so cooly
        G                   D
and her eyes shine like the moon
in the sea.
             B                 C
She comes in incense and pathchouli
       G           F
so you take her to find what's 
C/E            D
waiting inside
the Year of the Cat.
     Cmaj7            Bm                Em
Well morning comes and you're still with her
        Cmaj7          Bm        Em
and the bus and the tourists are gone.
            Cmaj7             Bm        Em
And you've thrown away your choice and
                        Am7              D7
lost your ticket so you have to stay on.
         Cmaj7         Bm             Em
But the drumbeat strains of the night
              B                     C
remain in the rhythm of the newborn day.
              B         Em        
You know sometime you're bound to leave her
        Am7                   D
but for now you're gonna stay
in the Year of the Cat.


Flying Sorcery
Tom: D
Intro: /D /G /D /G (2x)
    1. With your photographs of Kitty Hawk
       And the bi-planes on your wall
       You were always Amy Johnson
       From the time that you were small
       No schoolroom kept you grounded
       While your thoughts could get away
       You were taking off in Tiger Moths
            /G                /Em                  /A
       Your wings against the brush-strokes of the day
 Ref.: Are you there ?
              /G              /A             /D
       On the tarmac with the winter in your hair
              /G           /A                 /Hm
       By the empty hangar doors you stop and stare
                 /Hmo                             /Em
       Leave the oil-drums behind you, they won't care
       /A          /D       /D /C /G  /D /C /G  /D /C /G  /D /C /G
       Oh, are you there ?
    2. You wrapped me up in a leather coat
       And you took me for a ride
       We were drifting with the tail-wind
       When the runway came in sight
       The clouds came up to gather us
       And the cockpit turned to white
       When I looked the sky was empty
       I suppose you never saw the landing-lights
 Ref.: Are you there ?
       In your jacket with the grease-stain and the tear
       Caught up in the slipstream of the dare
       The compass roads will guide you anywhere
       Oh, are you there ?
    3. The sun comes up on Icarus
       As the night-birds sail away
       And lights the maps and diagrams
       That Leonardo makes
       You can see Faith, Hope and Charity
       As they bank above the fields
       You can join the flying circus
       You can touch the morning air against your wheels
 Ref.: Are you there ?
       Do you have a thought for me that you can share
       I never thought you'd take me unawares
       Just call me if you ever need repairs
       Oh, are you there ?