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The crown and the ring
Tom: C
(1. Verse)
C                    D   em              C
From a battle I've come, to a battle I ride
C       D         em
Blazing up to the sky
C           D    em            D
Chains of fate, hold a fiery stride
C           D             em
I'll see you again when I die
C            D    em            C
High and mighty alone we are kings
C            D         em
Whirlwinds of fire we ride
C             D          em              C
Providence brought us the crown and the ring 
C           D               em
Covered with blood and our pride
(2. Verse)
C           D      em            C
Heroes await me my enemies ride fast
C               D               em          
Knowing not this ride's their last
C           D        em             C
Saddle my horse as I drink my last ale 
C             D               em
Bow string and steel will prevail
(3. Verse)
C             D      em             C
Odin I await thee, your true son am I
C         D           em
I hail you now as I die
C               D         em             C
I pledge you my sword and to no man I kneel
C           D            em
Ours is the kingdom of steel
Warriors Of The World
Tom: C
   C5  (C5)   (C5)   (C5)   (E5)   (E5)    (E5)    (E5)   (E5)\\
   E5                                       C5
   G5(X) E5 (G&E at 5th string)                                                      
   C5       ... palmmuted
   G5(X) E5 (G&E at 5th string)
Bridge 2x: (all played at 5th string)
   E5         F#5    G5     D5        
   C5         G5     F#5    E5
   Here our soldiers stand from all around the world 
   Waiting in a line to hear the battle cry 
   All are gathered here victory is near 
   The sound will fill the hall bringing power to us all 
   We alone are fighting for metal that is true 
   We own the right to live the fight we're here for all of you 
   Now swear the blood upon your steel will never dry 
   Stand and fight together beneath the metal sky 
Refrain:  (all chords at 5th. string)
   Brothers Everywhere 
G5 D5
   Raise you hands into the air 
   We're warriors 
   G5       F#5    E5
   Warriors of The World 
   Like thunder from the sky 
G5 D5
   Sworn to fight and die 
   We're warriors 
   G5       F#5    E5
   Warriors of The World 
Verse 2:
   Many stand against us but they will never win 
   We said we would return and here we are again 
   To bring them all destruction suffering and pain 
   We are the hammer of the Gods we are thunder wind and rain 
   There they wait in fear with swords in feeble hands 
   With dreams to be a King first one should be a man 
   I call them out and charge them all with a life that is a lie 
   And in their final hour they shell confess before they die 
Repeat Refrain.
- Interlude 
If i should fall in battle my brothers who fight by my side 
Gather my horse and waepons tell my family how i died 
Until then i will be strong I will fight for all that is real 
All who stand in my way will die by steel 
Repeat Refrain 4-5 times and fade out!        


Heart Of Steel
Tom: Am
  am                                   G        em      am 
Build a fire a thousand miles away to light my long way home
                                          G                  am
I ride a comet my trail is long to stay, silence is a heavy stone
C              D        am 
  I fight the world and take all they can give
           C         G          am   
There are times my heart hangs low
 C              D              am    
Born to walk against the wind, born to hear my name
    C               G         am      (am  hm  em)     
No matter where I stand I'm alone
em           C     D             G 
   Stand and fight live by your heart
am                 C       G             D  	(gm  f#m  em)
 Always one more try, I'm not afraid to die
em           C     D             G    
   Stand and fight say what you feel
 am           C         G         D
Born with a heart of steel
Burn the bridge behind you, leave no retreat
There's only one way home
And those who laugh and crowd the path and cut each others throat
Will fall like melting snow
They'll watch us rise with fire in our ice
They'll bow their heads their hearts will hang low
And we'll laugh and they will kneel and know this heart of steel
Was too hard to break too hard to hold
Stand and fight...
am            C        hm
Born with a heart of steel
 C            D        em
Born with a heart of steel