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If You`re not here
Tom: F
Intro: F/C  Bb  F/A  Gm  F/C  Bb  F/A  Bb/C


  F                              C/F
Gotta catch that plane at seven thirty
 Bb/F                          F
Why haven't you come to say goodbye ? 
Time is running out and I'm still waiting
Bb/F                            F   C/E
I'm so lost without you I could die
Dm                      Am/D
Yesterday you said you loved me
Dm                     Am/D
Everything seemed to be fine
 Dm                            Bb
Today you're not here, I'm so lonely
         Gm                                 Bb/D
It's the waiting that's driving me out of my mind
F                                    C/F
Don't know how I'll sing in that big city
Bb/F                              F
How can I perform if you're not there ?
This will be the worst of all my journeys
     Bb/F                               F     C/E
The image of your face will follow me everywhere
   Dm              Am/D       Dm                         Am/D
I need your tender kisses, the feel of your hands your caress
     Dm              Bb                 Gm                  
Your perfume has me burning, my heart's yearning to touch you
I miss you so much
              Bb         C/Bb
If you're not here by my side
                    Am               Dm
Can't hold back the tears I tried to hide
                   Bb  Am                    Gm
Don't think I can take it I know I won't make it
Make it without you
               Bb         C/Bb
If you're not here by my side
          Am              Dm                Bb     Am
Only your love keeps me alive no sense in dreaming
                 Gm      Bb/C        F     ( F C/F  Bb F )
My life has no meaning if you're not here