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The Voice 
Tom: D
D           A
 Am I still alive?
 I think I've got it right...
 I'm made of light..
D                   A 
 Before I leave and go away,
 There's some things I must say,
 Before - before I'm gone...
On "gone", turn on distortion and play A5 / C5 twice.
This same progression repeats for the next verse.
A5   C5  A5                C5
         There's so many possibilities -
A5   C5  A5                       G5
         And I'm just starting to see...
Now go directly to the Chorus:
G5  A5   Bb5       A5                 G5
         It's like the poets always said
    A5   Bb5          A5                 G5
         When life is hanging from a thread
    A5   Bb5               C5            D5
         You can hear that voice in your head....
And now return to the D5 / Bb5 sequence from the intro.
The interlude is just a three-note riff on the E string:
For the rest of the song, use the pre-chorus and chorus chords.
The coda is D5 / Bb5. End on D.
Don't be afraid,
The Great Divide 
Tom: C#m
Verse 1:
(Strum C#maj7 once each time and let ring, until the "south", when you should
switch to a distorted tone and play F5 continuously.)
I'd reconciled my anger, got outside of danger,
I was waiting for some signal, a sign from angels.
When the tide turns against you
it's a strange sensation, a revelation of imagination.
I could change my course and face the flow, 
C#maj7                                                   F5 
reap the seeds that I had sewn or follow that old river south
                     F5     G5 
Here's what I found out...
Guitar 1 plays exactly the same riff as the intro.
Guitar 2 plays distorted chords as follows:
Am    C        F5              G5  Am      C       F5          G5    
I was standing on the Great Divide looking out across America.
Am        C              F5            G5  
Trying to find my truth, define it for myself.
Am                    C             F5
I died the day when I saw this place.
F5                     G5 F5 G5
I saw what I could lose.
Verse 2 is exactly the same as verse 1:
A very simple mechanism separates the fool from wisdom.
The lines between us are not real.
Conditioning is what makes us feel ignorant.
And apathy will feed our hate.
So we can never give in.
Chorus and end:
Am      C            F5              G5    Am       C             F5      G5
There I was standing at the Great Divide, looking for the truth in America.
Am               C            F5              G5    
For all that time I searched, when I closed my eyes,
Am                        C            
I found the thing I was looking for.
F5                     G5    F5   G5   F5
I had it all the time.
and then repeat:
So are we standing at the Great Divide?
Is there hope for America?
Take the flag we wave, the freedoms that we sing.
Without respect for one another,
it doesn't mean a thing....
End by repeating the chorus riff - the song ends, quite 
appropriately, on an unresolved note both musically and lyrically.
That's about it! There are some fills in between that I couldn't quite
figure out: if anyone does, please let me know!
The Hands 
Tom: Dsus2
Intro: Dsus2 / Dm / Dsus4 / C / Csus4 / C


Dsus2          Dm
When I'm lost, I find a way
Dsus4          C / Csus4 / C 
I hear voices...
Dsus2                 Dm
Feelings surround me, closer to the edge,
Dsus4             C / Csus4 / C
I close my eyes...
And my luck keeps holding strong,
Even when the boot comes down,
I'm waiting for the revolution,
Eb                    Dsus2 
But there's no one around - except
The hands out of nowhere
Am              C 
Saving me again (save me)
There's always something there watching out for me,
       Am                       C
If I'm suffocating, it gives me air -
   C        Play intro here (Dsus2 / Dm / Dsus4 / C / Csus4 / C)  
It gives me air...


Silent Lucidity 
Tom: G 
Intro: G G9 G G9 Em Em7/B Em Em7/B 
G        G9           G 
Hush now, don't you cry, 
G9          Em                    Em7/B  Em  Em7/B 
wipe away the teardrop from your eye. 
G           G9             G 
You're lying safe in bed, 
    G9                    Em             Em7/B  Em  Em7/B 
it was all a bad dream spinning in your head. 
C                C9                C 
Your mind tricked you to feel the pain, 
     C9             Am             Am9      Am  Am9 
Of someone close to you leaving the game (of life). 
C     C9            C         C9                    Am 
So here it is, another chance, wide awake you face the day. 
       Am9           Am           
The dream is over,     or has it just begun....? 
G G9 G G9 Em Em7/B Em Em7/B 
G        G9                G 
There's a place I like to hide, 
  G9                Em                 Em7/B  Em  Em7/B 
a doorway that I run through in the night. 
G         G9             G 
Relax child, you were there, 
G9            Em                         Em7/B  Em  Em7/B 
but only didn't realise that you were scared. 
C     C9                   C 
It's a place where you will learn 
    C9                  Am 
to face your fears, retrace the years, 
  Am9                      Am  Am9 
and ride the whims of your mind. 
C            C9         C 
Commanding in another world, 
C9       Am                   Am9           Am        Am9 
suddenly you hear and see this magic new dimension.... 
D  C6 
I...       will be watching over you 
D  C6 
I...       am gonna help to see you through 
D  C6 
I...       will protect you in the night 
D  C6                                             G G9 G G9 
I...       am smiling next to you, in silent lucidity.... 
(Voz durante o solo) 
Visualise your dream, 
Record it in the present tense, 
Put it into a permanent form, 
If you persist in all efforts, 
You can achieve a dream come true... 
...a dream come true... 
...a dream come true... 
G      G9                 G 
If you open your mind for me, 
  G9                Em           Em7/B  Em  Em7/B 
you won't rely on open eyes to see. 
G    G9               G 
The walls you built within 
  G9                         Em           Em7/B  Em  Em7/B 
come tumbling down and a new world will begin. 
C       C9                 C 
Living twice at once you learn, 
     C9                           Am 
you're safe from pain in the dream domain, 
 Am9              Am  Am9 
a soul set free to fly. 
C       C9                  C 
A round trip journey in your head, 
C9     Am                 Am9            Am 
master of illusion, can you realise your dream's alive 
You can be the guide, but 
D  C6 
I...       will be watching over you 
D  C6 
I...       am gonna help to see you through 
D  C6 
I...       will protect you in the night 
D  C6 
I...       am smiling next to you.... 
G G9 G G9 G G9 G G9 G