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This love 
Grupo: Sambô
Tom: G
Introdução: G
G             Cm           Fm           G#º
Oh!...oh, oh, oh...oh, oh, oh...oh, oh, oh	}
G             Cm           Fm           G#º        BIS / ESTRIBILHO
Oh!...oh, oh, oh...oh, oh, oh...oh, oh, oh	}
G                         Cm                           Fm
I was so high i did not recognize, the fire burning in her eyes
The caos that controlled my mind
G                         Cm
Whispered goodbye and she got on a plane
            Fm                             G7
Never to return again...but always in my heart
 Cm       Fm       Bb             Eb
....This love has taken it's toll on me			}
Cm            Fm         Bb          Eb
She said goodbye...too many times before		}
 Cm          Fm        Bb              Eb                   REFRÃO
....And her heart is breaking in front of me		}
Cm         Fm             Ab           G7      G
I have no choice cause i won't say goodbye anymore	}
 Fm                                      Eb 
....I tried my best to feed her appetite....keep her coming every night
                     G7      G#º
So hard to keep her satisfied
 G                                Cm
...Kept playing love like it was just a game
               Fm                                  G#º
Pretending to feel the same, then turn around and leave again
 Fm                              Eb
....I'll fiz these broken your broken wings
 G                              Cm
...And make sure everything's all right
 Fm                          Eb
....My pressure on your hips....sinking my fingertips
  G                          G7
Every inch of you, cause I know that's what you want me to do..